Friday, May 15, 2009

What a Crazy Week

Well the kids have on more week of school after today and it has been one heck of a week. Well this is my second week of work and Jimmy was able to find a construction job yeah so he started working this week i amnot complaining just was easier when he was taking the girls to school. Well i get up and take a shower every day and then get the girls up and let me say they are a real treat to make get up in the morning. They want to complain about their clothes or fight over them they fight over shoes and everything. So it is hectic. Well on the school front I am suspended cause of my grades so i will start again this fall maybe just maybe i will make it. All i want is to have a degree so i can make more for my kids then i had i want them to have a better life.
Tomorrow the girls go to their dads for th first time in a month and a half so i will have a break for a day. I fell like i am being pulled 1000 different ways and i cant tak it anymore.

I also hurt my tail bone when i tripped over a shoe and hit a chair long story but really hurts to sit to walk to do anything ugh i am going nuts

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  1. What are you going to school for? Does Brent have anything to do with the the girls? If not, I'm not surprised! I did find out he finally got his "boy" last year. Now Linda can finally have a "real grandson". Still really ticks me off, can you tell? Oh well! I have not seen them since Christmas of 2007. I somehow managed to avoid this past Christmas. That was also the last time they saw Jacob and Carley, shows haw much they care! Hope things are going great for you, keep me updated!