Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My two beautiful girls at the homecoming dance 2009

Ashley and her Dance Partner at Homecoming 2009

Lexi and James with Santa these are my soon to be Step Kids

Bailey and her yearly christmas picture

Well the girls went to their first homecoming dance on saturday I was so excited for them they were so excited too. Caley said she did not dance with any boys cause she was there to socialize. Ashley did however find a little boy to dance with lol. On everything else in life my girls go to church and they love it. Caley is so spititual in her little mind she reads the bible and knows what it means.
I hope that they will carry on to do good things in there lives.
Hope everyone out there is doing good.

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  1. OH MY... Is the first picture of Ashley and Caley? I would have never recognized them. They both look so grown up. Bailey also looks so much like Caley did. How are things going? We seen Mammaw at Thanksgiving and it was the usual old Mammaw. We are getting ready to move Friday, which I'm sure Mammaw told you. Ihope things are going good for you.